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Thinking about going to the US to work?

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 30 percent of foreign-born workers in the United States are equipped with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and yet one out of five of those well educated individuals is either unemployed or working a low-skill job, like dishwashing or taxi driving. Immigrants may not be alone in experiencing the Great Recession, but why are they still struggling harder than their native-born counterparts to secure work that suits their credentials?”

Doe-eyed graduates with plans of finding work in the US need to prepare for the reality of the job market in the US. Click the picture after the jump to view infographic from Good.is

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The US fashion set backs Obama. Who do the Chic Pinoys back?

The Daily Beast just came out with an article about how fashion movers and brands in the US are backing our boy Barack. Notable names include Anna Wintour who is Vogue’s editor in-chief, Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City, brands Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren (wait, I thought they were more, um, waspy!).Big name celebrities include Oprah and George Clooney among others.

On the other hand, Jenny Craig (the woman founder) is backing Mitt Romney. Jenny Craig the company, now acquired by Nestle, is not thrilled. “It’s important to note that Jenny Craig (the woman) has been retired for more than a decade, and is not involved in the company,” wrote a spokesman for the company. Now who

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do the chic Pinoys back?

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Wanna bet on the next big international retail franchise?

Okay so Uniqlo is coming to Manila June 11, 2012.

That makes Japan 2 (Muji, Uniqlo)-Spain 2 (Zara, Mang0). Following the success of these imports, here are the brands we want to see hit Philippine shores. We are betting heavy on Bershka.


Nitori. While must people might know Ikea more, this Japanese brand offers relatively affordable furnishings that are stylish. Note that they handle most of the production and logistics rather than outsource them- a real focus on quality control.


Bershka. With presence in Southeast Asia, it seems natural that this brand of the Indetex Group (Zara) will find its way in the Philippines

With the success of Forever21 though, we might also see the US’s Abercrombie & Fitch, which just opened their flagship store in Singapore.

Hurray half-naked models!

Of course global #2 Sweden’s H&M will probably be a likelier contender.

Hurray Becks!