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Wanna bet on the next big international retail franchise?

Okay so Uniqlo is coming to Manila June 11, 2012.

That makes Japan 2 (Muji, Uniqlo)-Spain 2 (Zara, Mang0). Following the success of these imports, here are the brands we want to see hit Philippine shores. We are betting heavy on Bershka.


Nitori. While must people might know Ikea more, this Japanese brand offers relatively affordable furnishings that are stylish. Note that they handle most of the production and logistics rather than outsource them- a real focus on quality control.


Bershka. With presence in Southeast Asia, it seems natural that this brand of the Indetex Group (Zara) will find its way in the Philippines

With the success of Forever21 though, we might also see the US’s Abercrombie & Fitch, which just opened their flagship store in Singapore.

Hurray half-naked models!

Of course global #2 Sweden’s H&M will probably be a likelier contender.

Hurray Becks!