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Archie’s Girls

Betty or Veronica? The iconic duo is making a comeback in the beauty and fashion scene!

Tips to Transform Your Outward Appearance

Your outward appearance does add to the impression you create on others mind. Although you might feel uncomfortable with your looks yet there is a remedy to help you out. With a little help you can transform your outward appearance completely and get a new amazing look. A little help, an ugly duckling was turned into a beautiful swan. This doesn’t mean that you are an ugly duckling but this denotes that all you need is the spirit to look good and lot of help. It isn’t necessary that you should change a lot but minor and subtle modifications bring out great results. Here are a few tips to help you transform your appearance:

Diet vs. Exercise

It should never be one versus the other but if you have to choose between diet and exercise, well we have the answer on which one will help you lose weight.