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No to Book “Labels”

The most jaw-dropping display of empathetic correctness came in a recent New York Times article reporting on the number of campuses proposing that so-called “trigger warnings” be placed on syllabi in courses using texts or films containing material that might “trigger” discomfort for students. Themes seen as needing such warnings range from suicide, abuse, and rape to anti-Semitism, “misogynistic violence,” and “controlling relationships.” Astonishingly, some of the literary works advocates claim need warning labels for adult college students are often read by high school students, such as The Great Gatsby andThe Merchant of Venice.

Of course, empathy is a virtue. Ironically, it is a virtue cultivated, recent studies have shown, by reading great literature—the very works

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some want accompanied by warning labels.

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Three Ways to Drive Away Post-Holiday Blues

Now that the holidays are over, most of us are back to the daily grind. It is 2014 now and there’s a lot to look forward to but it’s also a little bit sad now that all the celebrations have momentarily come to an end. There’s a certain sadness that comes to readjusting to our normal routines especially for those of us who met with loved ones from overseas for Christmas. We’re left missing those special people along with the fun and revelry they shared with us. This doesn’t mean that the end of the holidays is all bad though. After all, if we celebrated all the time, we’d start to take things for granted. Here are a few ways to deal with post-holiday blues as our lives return to normality. Continue reading