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Three Ways to Drive Away Post-Holiday Blues

Now that the holidays are over, most of us are back to the daily grind. It is 2014 now and there’s a lot to look forward to but it’s also a little bit sad now that all the celebrations have momentarily come to an end. There’s a certain sadness that comes to readjusting to our normal routines especially for those of us who met with loved ones from overseas for Christmas. We’re left missing those special people along with the fun and revelry they shared with us. This doesn’t mean that the end of the holidays is all bad though. After all, if we celebrated all the time, we’d start to take things for granted. Here are a few ways to deal with post-holiday blues as our lives return to normality.

Pinoy Pasko

What exactly adds a Filipino twist to Christmas? With the holiday only a few days away, let’s ponder how our people add a unique spin to how we celebrate. We always seem to add a new dimension to our festivities from everything from food to family traditions. What makes Christmas in the Philippines different from elsewhere in the world? Is there more to it than just the tropical weather that would make Santa sweat in his snowsuit? We end up taking for granted what other nations see as a novelty, longing for snow as we deal with warm weather even while our children wait for reindeer and sleigh bells.

Home for the Holidays

With about two weeks to go before Christmas, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) will soon be returning to our shores in droves. It’s like a mass migration on par with birds flying south for the winter. Many of the relatives we’ve missed for months (sometimes even years) will be coming home to us. The length of their stays will likely vary. Some will stay only for a few days while others for a few weeks. There are some who are even coming home to stay and celebrating that milestone over the holidays. It’s bittersweet for everyone who has friends and family they haven’t seen in a while. You’re so happy to see these people again but you end up thinking about the time you couldn’t share with them as well. Then again, that’s what trading stories is for.