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Prince of the Sea by Felaine Andrea Palacio

Syrena(see-ree-na) felt the cold touch of the sea water as she walked barefoot along the shore. She was the crown princess of their kingdom and in order to relax from her role for a while, she decided to have a vacation in a beautiful countryside near the sea. The people there were joyful and easy-going and that helped to release some of her stress.

After minutes of walking, she spotted something on the side of the cliff. She came near it and saw that it was a cave. Syrena thought twice about going inside but her curiosity triumphed.

The cave was cold and dark so Syrena thought about going back outside. But just as she was about to go out, she heard a very beautiful melody from inside the cave. It was the singing of a man. It seemed to hypnotize her.

She wanted to know who the singer was so she headed towards the source of the sound. She squeezed through a hole in the wall of the cave .But when she got in, she saw no one. The beautiful melody that she heard earlier also stopped.

“Was It just my imagination?”, she asked herself. Then she heard a splash of water which startled her. Then she noticed a pool in the center of the cave which must be where the splashing came from. She wondered what it must have been. Continue reading

True Blood and Serials

While we tend to think of serials as stories in defunct magazines, you know the one where the only thing with color is the magazine, this cliff-hanger type storytelling is still very dominant in today’s instant society. Take for example, True Blood. It runs very much like a, well,  a telenovela. Yes. In Philippine culture atleast, the telenovela reigns supreme as the number one serial format. Continue reading