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Kendii’s goal is to promote reading, writing, and creativity to the Filipino youth. 

Why writing and creativity?

You might be wondering why writing? Why aren’t you promoting STEM? or teaching more practical courses?

There is a NYT article titled “The United States of Metrics“. The article is about how we are becoming an increasingly numbers driven society. And that’s good. It is always better to based decisions on facts. The caution though, and I quote the article:

“The evil here is not having metrics,” he said. “The problem is that you start trying to maximize every metric you have and reduce everything else.”

It goes on to say about how numbers isolate from the sensory, from feeling alive, from “grace”.

For us at Kendii, it is more practical than that and certainly bigger than just decision-making.

Everyone should learn how to code or at the very least use data and science when making decisions & be adept at problem solving. However, everyone (including scientist and engineers) also needs to write better and communicate better. We need to care not just about the “what” but also about the “why”. The world needs more empathy. And mostly, we should all no just look at what is but also dream of what could be.

In our professional life, we can use big data tools to churn out numbers, but the people who succeed are those who can figure out the insights behind them. The people who can look at data and can figure out what is next.

Writing, storytelling, or even just reading helps with all that.

In the Philippines, the ratio of students who read for pleasure, much less write, is alarmingly disproportionally low when compared to the rest of the world. Do you know that love for independent reading is strongly correlated with initiative and success for low-income families? This is backed by several studies including the US Dept. of Education.

In the Philippines, book production, which is one of the UN’s cultural wellness indicator, is also extremely low.

Aside from helping kids be better prepared for the professional world, stories are also one way to document history – this is especially important for a country’s culture that has been colonized for over 400 years and is now adapting to a globalized world.

So what do we do?

Our current programs include:

  • Kendii.com – a portal for writers to get published, access writing resources, and even snag writing jobs
  • Kendii Prize – a yearly awards for young writers
  • Kendii workshops – our newly launched writing workshops for high school students