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1. Write the information needed on your test permit. The permit is computer generated and therefore does not have your signature. Sometimes, it does not even include your date of birth. As soon as you get your test permit, go over it and see if there is any missing information. This will save you time from having to fill it out once you are in the testing hall.

2. Check if part of the dry seal on your test permit is stamped on your photo—because it should be. This is something that we check before letting you inside the testing room. Reporting it to the Offi ce of Admissions before the actual testing date will save you the fear of thinking the worst when we see the irregularity. Believe me, you are nervous enough as it is without having the proctor or examiner point out that there’s something not quite right with your test permit.

3. Know your testing hall in advance. A visit to the test center a week before the test will enable you to get there easier on the day itself. We have seen so many examinees waste their time looking for their testing halls that they end up late for the test.

4. Be early. It may seem like a very hard thing to do, especially on a weekend. But being early beats panic and anxiety just before an exam. If it is any consolation, all UP employees who serve in the administration of the UPCAT have to be at the test center before you.

5. Bring good quality pencils—not too light but not too dark. No part of the test will ever require you to use any other kind of writing instrument. Pencils will do.

6. Do not bring scratch paper for your computations. We will provide this for you. The scratch paper we issue is the only paper you must use.

7. Do not forget to submit documents required of you. The Office of Admissions marks these as deficiencies on your test permit. Keep these documents ready and when we ask, do submit them.

8. Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent mode with the vibration function turned off. This should be self-explanatory. In the same way that you want to watch a movie at the cinema without distractions, so should your focus be undisturbed during an exam. If you forget or refuse to do this and you get a message or a call, you not only disturb your fellow examinees. You also get dagger looks from them.

9. Bring a snack. You are allowed to eat at any time during the exam because there are no breaks. But please bring something that does not bother your fellow examinee—something that is not noisy to unwrap or eat and something that is not too odorous—or else, you get dagger looks again.

10. Try to be calm and focus on the task at hand. We have seen nerves get the better of examinees. Sweaty palms that soil answer sheets, frequent trips to the bathroom, fainting, vomiting, etc. Try not to let anxiety rule you on exam day.

11. Do not ask the proctor or examiner about certain items on the test booklet. We are not allowed to read the contents of the test booklet. You can only ask clarificatory questions about the instructions. You can inform us of irregularities in the numbering of items or pages, if some are missing or duplicated. But we will not entertain questions about the test items themselves.

12. Finally, do not even attempt to cheat. In fact, do not even think about trying to cheat, unless you want to say goodbye to the UPCAT and your chance to study in UP.


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